17 December 2008

How would it feel for a cave-man to live in America? Lots of movies have been made on this subject right? For 2 days ... i suddenly felt thrown off into stone-age, the age where the invention of the wheel was yet to happen! As usual ... behind every unsuccessful person like me, there has to be a girl. This time, it was Jennifer Connelly.

We had gone to this stupid movie called 'The day the earth stood still'. Irrespective of how crap the story-line was, the moment Jennifer entered, one thing was sure - the earth just stood still! And in that excitement ... little did i realize that my mobile had decided to fall out of my coat pocket. Yep! I lost it!

But... behind every successful person like me, there are plenty of people, dominated by girls!! I got my mobile back ... my precious instrument ... for those who do not know ... my coronary arteries do not just stop at the heart ... they extend further out and connect to my mobile too. So i have my 'thank you' speech ready (looks like i've won an Oscar ... but it is that big ok!). Thanks a tonne to the Waterworks people ... they are fantastic! Thanks Arvind for offering me a free sim card ... i'L take it next time i lose my cell again. Thanks Melanie and Sanchith for offering a free phone ... if its a Blackberry ... and if the offer is still open ... i'L take it! Thanks HEK, Priya and Advaitha for those comforting words in such difficult times. Thanks a lot to Shreya, Manjula and Shreyas for calling me 'careless!' I really needed that. Thank U Sandeep for answering that phone call from Waterworks. Thank you Sreya ... for taking the pains to search for the Western Psych number and giving me the awesome info. I also need to thank Sue and Mikhil for confusing me with information. Oh God! Thanks Manasi ... my lucky charm ... if not for you, my mobile would be history! I need to thank my brother too ... for not disowning me ... normally he does it! I not only got my phone back ... but also got to eat Chole Bhatura that night finally! And we all lived happily ever after (sniff!). The end!

13 December 2008

After the first semester draws to a close ... and all hell breaks loose when Americans begin jumping from one pub into another ... I beg to differ! I have made my own list of ten commandments I shall strictly abide to ... this spring semester and for the rest of my life.

  1. Thou shalt not copy Biostatistics assignments from anybody else
  2. Thou shalt not mail thy lab professor from Starbucks that "i'm very busy studying and hence cannot come to lab"
  3. Thou shalt not oversleep (like i did in fall sem and missed every Dr. Finegold lecture)
  4. Thou shalt not have any more crushes on genetic counselors
  5. Thou shalt not take color prints of Jessica Alba from thy lab
  6. Thou shalt learn to comb thy hair more neatly (every day of my fall semester was a 'bad-hair day')
  7. Thou shalt try to forget Sophia
  8. Thou shalt grow more taller like most other Americans
  9. Thou shalt not each french fries or drink hot chocolate any more
  10. Thou shalt not follow any of the above commandments!
Well ... sorry to have wasted your time :-)

When I was in India (oh god ... that phrase again ... ), I did not really need a reason to go watch a movie. Ok ... i did go to find possible girlfriends and future Mrs. Suhas at Vaibhav theater ... but that's not a reason ... i was just there to admire nature's creations ... ok whatever! So what i intended to say was ... the movie did not necessarily have to be good. Inspite of the list of pathetic movie makers we can boast of ... any movie with friends was invariably fun. But here ... its a little different. Watching a movie is nothing short of a luxury. Even watching one at home needs to be scheduled in between my endless exams and assignments. And by and by ... almost every movie we watched were crap! So fridays became the official 'crap movie night'. It still appalls me that i gotta wait 'n' wait 'n' wait for watching even one good movie. So as usual ... i began watching those in my wishlist ... movies that i always wanted to watch but never did or could.

Hmmm... lets see..... yeah I watched both Golmaal and Golmaal Returns. Same old sequel=sucks equation. The first part was more fun ... its only Arshad Warsi who makes you laugh your heart out in the sequel ... I don't really know what Ajay Devgan's doing in a comedy flick. Shreyas is good to watch ... he's versatile. Tushar Kapoor ... ha ha ha !

I saw Madagascar. The first one. The sequel's probably released or is about to. This is one movie you have to watch the day you finish your last exam. Its the most relaxing movie to watch. Enjoyable ... funny ... gives you a 'feel-good' sensation all the time.

Then there's Ocean's 11. One of those stylish movies. It probably is a 'should watch'. Far-fetched i do agree ... but the story keeps you occupied. I wrongly believed Catherine Zeta Jones is in this ... she is actually in its sequel ... and throughout the movie I kept waiting for her. For those who do not know ... i almost married Catherine ... until i saw Jessica Alba in Fantastic 4.

Oh yeah ... i watched 'Blood Diamond'. One of those class movies ... so its like when someone's not watched this movie ... you go - "What the heck??? You haven't watched Blood Diamond???" with lots of question and exclamation marks. Leonardo DiCaprio is simply super. And Jenniffer Connelly is so gorgeous ... but its the story that blows you ... the gory ... the blood ... and the truth.

I watched 3 Kannada movies. 'Aishwarya' ... for the 2nd time ... its a nice timepass movie. Did not watch it for Deepika Padukone though ... she looks sad in this movie. Watched 'Aa Dinagalu' ... man! Why the heck did i not watch this earlier? Damn good movie. Then there's 'Mr. Garagasa'. Surprise surprise ... i actually felt the movie was pretty ok ... good actually ... Komal is a bit of a pain to watch ... he's really a garagasa here ... but Anant Nag is the only reason why you want to watch this movie.

I also watched a few movies which I had watched before ... A Beautiful Mind ... Finding Nemo ... Chak De India ... Gaalipata ... Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na ... Jurassic Park ... and the Pink Panther.

I would want to watch Madagascar 2 ... Yes Man ... and Ghajini. Someone told me Ganesh's new movie is comin' up ... no thank U boss! I have had enough of him!